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Employee Benefits and the Law in South Carolina

Issues with benefit plans and pension payments arise both when hiring an employee and when they leave the job. The laws of the state of South Carolina regulate how employers can distribute health and retirement plans; beneficiaries and recipients of such plans can file their claims under such laws.

Furthermore, employers in Charleston must deliver any benefits to the employee that were included in a contract when the employee started work. Also, employers bear the risk of any investments that are made on behalf of an employee according to a matched contribution plan.

What Employee Benefits are Protected by South Carolina law?

Employers owe specific legal duties to the employees in providing them with medical plans. Under South Carolina law, employers must disclose health plan information, and the employee is entitled to fair treatment in the processing of any claims under the medical plan. There are also some laws that give employees the right to continue on their health care plan from the prior employee during periods in which they are actively pursuing new employment.

In the city of Charleston, employees who receive pension programs are owed a legal duty by the employer. First of all, the employer has a duty to provide all the benefits that may have been mentioned in the pension payment plan. Also, any risks involving investments made on behalf of an employee according to matched contribution plans must be borne by the employer.

How can a Charleston, South Carolina Pension and Benefits Attorney Help?

Charleston, South Carolina lawyers can help an employer in creating a pension plan that complies with applicable laws. Attorneys also often assist employees when difficulties arise with obtaining the benefits under a plan.

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Life in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is an important port city located in Charleston County.  It is nicknamed the "Holy City" due to the large number of churches that mark the city's skyline.  As a port city, trade is central to the city, as a number of ships and boats launch regularly from Charleston.

Charleston is unique among cities that showcase a Southern culture.  In general, Charleston's community culture is a rich blend of French, English, West African, and southern American elements.  Particularly, the "Charleston dialect" is a rare dialect featuring distinct phrases and is not comparable to other dialects in the Southern U.S. 

Charleston, South Carolina draws many visitors every year when it holds its annual Spoleto Festival USA.  The Spoleto Festival is an art festival lasting 17 days and featuring more than 100 performances by artists practicing in different disciplines.  The event is an internationally recognized festival and is considered to be the premier performing arts festival of the U.S.  Other notable Charleston attractions include live music at the Music Farm, and the Citadel a famous military college.  Many Charleston lawyers studied at Charleston School of Law.   

Lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina are available to assist persons who may have differing legal needs.  Charleston is the first city in the United States to institute a "Livability Court", which is a municipal court that focuses on legal cases involving housing, animal control, tourism, traffic, the environment, waste, and compliance with city zoning codes.

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