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What is Sexual Harassment under Rhode Island Law?

The laws of Rhode Island define sexual harassment as any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, including actions of either a verbal or physical nature. Some forms of sexual harassment that are most commonly committed by an employer include exchanging favoritism for sexual favors, the creation of a hostile work environment of a sexual nature, and sexual advances.

How does Rhode Island Law Prohibit Sexual Harassment?

First, employers who are located in Pawtucket can be required to implement and visibly post company policies regulating sexual conduct. These policies may include contact information for an employee to report sexual harassment, the process for handling such claims, and the corrective measures for when a claim is proven.

The laws of the state of Rhode Island and federal law have both established agencies with the authority to investigate sexual harassment claims. These agencies conduct investigations at a given Pawtucket work site in order to verify if a complaint that they have received is true or not. Employers are also barred under these laws from taking action in retaliation against an employee who has claimed sexual harassment, such as firing them or denying them a promotion.

How can a Rhode Island attorney help?

It can be difficult to both investigate and show a sexual harassment claim without having any expertise in the applicable areas of law. It's not uncommon for federal investigators to be too overworked to handle individual claims. With that in mind, you should consider speaking with an attorney in Pawtucket, as this may be the ideal way to ensure that your claim is filed before the deadlines set by the laws of Rhode Island.

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