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What is Sexual Harassment under Kansas Law?

According to Kansas law, sexual harassment is defined as the unwanted conduct that is of a sexual nature, and includes both verbal advances and physical actions The forms of sexual harassment that are most common when done by an employer are sexual advances, the exchange of workplace favoritism for sexual favors, and the creation of a hostile work environment that is overly sexual.

How does Kansas Law Prohibit Sexual Harassment?

First, Overland Park employers can be required to create company policies that specifically address sexual harassment in the workplace. These must be posted in a visible area such as a break room. Such policies should include items such as contact information for reporting harassment incidents, process for filing claims, and any corrective or preventative measures should a claim be proven.

There are also agencies which are formed by federal and Kansas law for the specific purpose of handling sexual harassment cases. Such agencies have the authority to investigate work sites to determine if the complaints they receive in Overland Park are true. Also, these laws prohibit employers from firing an employee for alleging sexual harassment or taking any action in retaliation to a claim.

How can a Kansas attorney help?

If you do not have any expertise in the applicable laws, it may be difficult to investigate and prove a claim involving sexual harassment. The federal agencies that handle initial claims of sexual harassment are frequently understaffed and overworked. So, hiring a Overland Park lawyer can be the surest way to file your sexual harassment claim within the deadlines specified by the state of Kansas.

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Life in Overland Park

Overland is Kansas's second most populated city, and its largest suburb.  Naturally, it would offer many attractions for its residents and tourists.  Some of the most popular attractions include the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, the Convention Center, and Indian Creek Greenway.  To experience some exciting night light and great restaurants, residents and tourists visit Touche, and the Farmers Market.

An interesting fact about Overland is that was ranked in the top  of CNN/Money and Money Magazine's 100 Best Cities to Live in the United States.  One of the reasons is the city's great community feel and unified spirit.  Another reason for this is that Overland is very diverse, including Afrian Americans, Caucasians, Native Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders in its population.  Many of the people are married couples and have a nuclear family. 

Overland is also home to many large companies, such as YRC Worldwide, Waddell and Reed, Black and Veatch, Ferrellgas, and Examinetics.  There are also many small law firms in Overland, where competent attorneys provide legal services in practically all areas of practice.  The best part is these attorneys provide their clients with personalized legal services, yielding excellent results.

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