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Disabilities Under Pennsylvania Law

Pennsylvania and Federal laws both protect persons with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace. Disability laws afford disabled persons in Lancaster an equal opportunity to be hired and advance in their chosen professions. Employers must provide disabled persons with reasonable accomodations under these disbility laws so that they are able to perform their jobs.

Pennsylvania Employment for the Disabled

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes discrimination against the disabled illegal, whether it be in a government agency or a private setting. Employers in the state of are prohibited from considering an individual's disability when deciding to hire them, assign them a job position, or provide them with an advancement opportunity.

If the costs are reasonable, workers with disabilities are entitled to any special equipment needed for work from their employers. This is on top of the requirement to provide fair treatment. Additionally, the ADA makes it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their relationship to persons who have a disability requiring special needs.

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Lancaster has numerous lawyers specializing in employment law and persons with disabilities. Consulting with a lawyer beforehand will help you be prepared in the event of unforseen difficulties.

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Life in Lancaster

Lancaster is in Lane County, Oregon.  It is right next to Harrisburg, Junction City and the Willamette River.

Some interesting facts about Lancaster is that the first post office was established here in 1858 and named "Freedom."  The name was later changed to "Junction City."  A popular attraction is "Woodyville," which is a house of entertainment i.e. road house started by a man named Woody.  The attraction is also known as Woody's Landing.  Later, Johnson Mulkey brought the property and built a small sawmill on it. 

The great flood of 1862 had almost demolished the city.  It slowly built itself back up. 

For legal needs, residents often seek attorney services in nearby areas.  Being so near to other cities and Oregon Route 99E, residents have no problem getting to where they need to be.  Thus, seeking legal guidance is not a problem. 

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