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Disabilities Under Illinois Law

Both Illinois and Federal law give individuals with disabilities protection against discrimination in the workplace. These laws provide individuals with disabilities in Joliet equal opportunities for getting hired and being advanced in ther respective professions. Employers are required by disbility laws to make reasonable accomodations for disabled persons to execute their tasks.

Illinois Employment for the Disabled

Both government and private employers are prohibited from discriminating against the disabled according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In Illinois, employers are not allowed to consider a person's disability when making decisions regarding hiring, job positions, or advancement opportunities.

As long as the costs are reasonable, Joliet employers are required to provide workers who have disabilities with any special equipment they require for completing tasks. Employers are also prohibited under the act from discrimination based on a person's relation to someone with a disability or special needs.

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Life in Joliet

Joliet, Illinois is the fastest growing city in the state.  It is the seat of Will County and was incorporated as early as 1852.  Joliet is nicknamed "The City of Champions" on account of the many national and state titles won by local school bands and sports teams.  It is also nicknamed "The City of Steel" as well as the "City of Stone", reflecting its historical background in those industries.

Currently the city of Joliet, Illinois has attracted large numbers of new residents seeking to work and live in the area.  Family entertainment in Joliet is abundant, consisting of several golf courses, bike trails, and old-style movie theaters.  The city also has several landmarks that often appear in the setting of major motion picture films, such as the Rialto Square Theater. 

Every year Joliet enjoys a large influx of visitors who come to the city to watch NASCAR automobile races and to participate in high-end motorsports events.  These are hosted at places like the Chicagoland Speedway and the Autobahn Country Club.   

Joliet, Illinois has quickly become an important hub for commerce and residential living.  Lawyers in Joliet are available to assist in many different areas of law.  Joliet, Illinois lawyers hone their professional skills through state and county bar associations. 

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