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Disabilities Under Connecticut Law

Both Connecticut and Federal law give individuals with disabilities protection against discrimination in the workplace. The various laws ensure that disabled individuals in Waterbury have an equal opportunity to get hired and obtain promotions in their choice of field. Disability laws make it mandatory for employers to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities so that they can perform their jobs.

Connecticut Employment for the Disabled

Discriminating against the disabled is prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), whether the employer is a government agency or a private employer. In Connecticut, employers are not allowed to consider a person's disability when making decisions regarding hiring, job positions, or advancement opportunities.

In addition to fair treatment, Waterbury employers must also provide any special equipment the disabled may need to perform their duties, as long as the cost of the equipment is reasonable. In addition,discriminating against a person because of their relation to a disabled individual is prohibited by this act.

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Numerous lawyers in Waterbury specialize in employment laws dealing with individuals with disabilities. It can be helpful to consult with a lawyer who may be able to help guide you should difficulties come up.

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Life in Waterbury

Waterbury is located in New Haven County in the state of Connecticut.  Waterbury, Connecticut has a population of about 111,000 and is noted for being the 5th largest city in the state. 

Waterbury is commonly known as the "Brass City", due to its heavy production of brass throughout the decades.  It was the leading producer of brassware in the U.S. during the early 20th century.  In particular, Waterbury industries produced much of the brass casting and finishing in America.  It is also a leading manufacturer of brass clocks and watches. 

Currently, Waterbury, Connecticut offers numerous opportunities for residential housing, retail shopping, and employment.  For example, the Brass Mill Center is a modern shopping complex that features nationally-known retail stores and restaurants.  It also houses a cinema that shows feature films.  Also, Main Street in Waterbury is an area dedicated to both historic preservation and downtown revitalization.  It is host to a number of community events and business developments. 

Waterbury Judicial District Courthouse is a major landmark in the city.  Many Waterbury lawyers assist their clients by filing legal claims at the courthouse.  Lawyers in Waterbury, Connecticut provide legal services in a diverse spectrum of legal fields.

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