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What is Sexual Harassment under Wisconsin Law?

The law of the state of Wisconsin defines sexual harassment as conduct that is unwelcome, and encompasses both physical and verbal acts. The forms of sexual harassment that are most common when done by an employer are sexual advances, the exchange of workplace favoritism for sexual favors, and the creation of a hostile work environment that is overly sexual.

How does Wisconsin Law Prohibit Sexual Harassment?

First, employers who are located in Green Bay can be required to implement and visibly post company policies regulating sexual conduct. The policies should at least include: contact information for the reporting of sexual harassment incidents, an outline of policies to be followed in filing a claim, and the remedies available when a claim successfully proven.

The laws of the state of Wisconsin and federal law have both established agencies with the authority to investigate sexual harassment claims. These agencies conduct investigations at a given Green Bay work site in order to verify if a complaint that they have received is true or not. Furthermore, these laws prohibit employers from firing an employee for alleging sexual harassment or taking any action in retaliation to a claim.

How can a Wisconsin attorney help?

A claim for sexual harassment may be difficult to investigate and show without the proper expertise in the relevant areas of law. It's not uncommon for federal investigators to be too overworked to handle individual claims. Because of this, working with a Green Bay attorney may be the ideal way to make sure that your claim is processed in a timely manner.

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Life in Green Bay

Green Bay, Wisconsin is the county seat for Brown County and has a population of over 104,000.  The city is best known for being home to the NFL team, the Green Bay Packers.  Green Bay is nicknamed "Titletown", which is a reference to the record number of championship titles won by the Packers. 

The city of Green Bay is very fond of outdoor festivals and celebrations.  In addition to Packer games at Lambeau field and other sports functions, popular events include Winterfest on Broadway, Artstreet, and Summer in the Park. Shopping is also very popular in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Bay Park Square features a football-themed food court with many eateries and two giant flatscreen TVs at each end of the court.  Green Bay Plaza and East Town Mall also have a variety of retail stores and restaurants.  

Historically, Green Bay's economy consisted mostly of trade and farming.  Currently, the city boasts an active business and economic life comprised of many different trades and industries.  Some major employers in Green Bay, Wisconsin include Humana, Schneider International, and American Foods Group.  The Green Bay Packers are also a major employer for the city.

Lawyers in Green Bay, Wisconsin usually assist clients at the Green Bay City Municipal Court or at the Brown County Courthouse.  Green Bay attorneys enhance their skills by attending continued legal education courses and by participating in local and state bar associations.  They offer a variety of legal services and perform many different types of legal tasks.

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