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What is Sexual Harassment under Washington Law?

The law of the state of Washington defines sexual harassment as conduct that is unwelcome, and encompasses both physical and verbal advances. The forms of sexual harassment that are most common when done by an employer are sexual advances, the exchange of workplace favoritism for sexual favors, and the creation of a hostile work environment that is overly sexual.

How does Washington Law Prohibit Sexual Harassment?

First, employers who are located in Spokane can be required to implement and visibly post company policies regulating sexual conduct. Such policies should include items such as contact information for reporting harassment incidents, process for filing claims, and any corrective or preventative measures should a claim be proven.

Washington and federal laws formed agencies that process claims involving sexual harassment. They have the authority to investigate Spokane workplaces regarding the conduct alleged in the complaints that have been filed with them. Also, under these laws, employers may not fire or retaliate against any employee who has alleged sexual harassment in a claim.

How can a Washington attorney help?

Without expertise in the applicable laws, both investigating and proving a sexual harassment claim can be difficult. It's not uncommon for federal investigators to be too overworked to handle individual claims. Because of this, working with a Spokane attorney may be the ideal way to make sure that your claim is processed in a timely manner.

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