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Discrimination Under Ohio Law

In Ohio, as in all fifty United States, it is illegal to discriminate against a person based on whether he or she belongs to a protected class. If there is a question of employment discrimination in Dayton, Ohio, there are world-class employment lawyers who have answers.

How Does Employment Discrimination Occur?

Employment discrimination may occur in a variety of ways in Dayton, Ohio. Employers are prohibited from basing hiring and termination decisions on factors relating to people from protected classes. It is illegal to discriminate against a person based on their race, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, and genetic information. There may be other protected classes, of which an employment lawyer can provide further guidance.

If an employer uses any information relating to the above protected classes in the hiring, termination, or in ongoing employment and promotion or demotion status, they may be held liable for employment discrimination. For instance, if an employer only hires people under the age of 40, or if they terminate women who are pregnant, they may be held liable.

How Can Employment Discrimination Be Proven in Ohio?

In cases involving employment discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and courts in Ohio will take into consideration whether an employer has acted in a similar manner toward other employees of the same protected class. If there is a track record and witness testimony indicating employment discrimination, the employer may face legal consequences. The process of filing discrimination claims in Ohio can be complex. Experienced employment attorneys in Dayton can assist an individual with their case, from start to finish, to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

History of Battling Discrimination in Dayton, OH

The city of Dayton, Ohio has endured a rugged history relating to the Civil Rights Movement. Civil rights activist and Dayton resident, W.S. McIntosh, was a follower and supporter of Martin Luther King, Jr., and he led the Dayton movement toward equal rights.

McIntosh was known as the man who persistently protested employment discrimination at the Rike-Kumler department store on a daily basis. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was created through the valiant efforts of people like Martin Luther King Jr., and W.S. McIntosh. The Act prohibits any form of discrimination upon hiring and during employment regarding age, race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, and age. In 2008, the Ohio Civil Rights Act expanded these protected classes to include military status.

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Living Life in Dayton

The city of Dayton lies in Montgomery County, Ohio. There are over 141,527 residents in Dayton, and it is considered the 4th largest metropolitan area in the state. Dayton is home to the National Museum of the United States Air Force and is generally considered as the birthplace of aviation. Aviation enthusiasts will also enjoy other aviation attractions such as the Wright Brothers National Memorial and the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

One of the perks of living in the city is the low cost of living. If you are planning to study in the state, there are several well-known universities in Dayton. The University of Dayton, Wright State University, and Sinclair Community College are all located within the city. The City of Dayton is a close-knit community where residents take pride in its history and all the city has to offer.

Dayton is well-known for its involvement with the aerospace, industrial, research, and engineering industries. As the home of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the military presence has made a huge impact in the city's growth and economy.

Dayton is also considered a service-oriented city, with excellent legal services. There are various small to medium-sized law firms specializing in all areas of law in Dayton. Thus, both private citizens and businesses alike are guaranteed the best legal representation the city has to offer.

Dayton, Ohio also has wonderful tourist attractions such as The Dayton Art Institute, The National Museum of the United States Air Force, the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, the National Aviation Hall of Fame, and America's Packard Museum.

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