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Disabilities Under Indiana Law

According to Indiana and Federal laws, persons with disabilities are protected from being discriminated against in the workplace. Disability laws afford disabled individuals in South Bend an equal opportunity to be hired and advance in their chosen professions. Disability laws make it mandatory for employers to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities so that they can execute their jobs.

Indiana Employment for the Disabled

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes discrimination against the disabled illegal, whether it be in a government agency or a private company. Employers in the state of are barred from considering an individual's disability when deciding to hire them, assign them a job position, or provide them with an advancement opportunity.

If the costs are reasonable, workers with disabilities are entitled to any special equipment required for work from their employers. This is on top of the requirement to provide equal treatment. Employers are also prohibited under the act from discrimination based on a person's relation to persons with a disability or special needs.

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In South Bend there are various lawyers who specialize in the laws regulating employment and disabilities law. Consulting with an attorney may help you decide how to proceed when difficulties arise.

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Life in South Bend

South Bend, Indiana is the county seat of St. Joseph County.  It has a population of about 101,000 residents and known for being the cultural and economic hub for the "Michiana" region.  South Bend's economy consists largely of health care, education, and small business.  Many South Bend residents work at the nearby University of Notre Dame.

In addition, South Bend, Indiana is home to many large corporations.  These include Honeywell, Crowe Horwath, and AM General.  Schurz Communications and Martin's Supermarkets are headquartered in South Bend.  Part of South Bend's economic success can be attributed to the city's efforts at improving its telecommunications infrastructure.        

The culture of South Bend, Indiana is a unique blend of traditional cultures mixed with modern-day celebrations.  Currently, Fat Tuesday and Dyngus Day are still celebrated annually.  In particular, the city was infused with many Polish traditions during its early days in the 19th century.  The city also hosts a number of large events including the World Pulse Festival and the South Bend Reggae Festival.  Popular tourist attractions in South Bend Indiana include the South Bend Museum of Art and the Center for History.

South Bend lawyers offer legal assistance and services in a broad range of fields.  Lawyers in South Bend, Indiana often represent their clients at the branch of St. Joseph County Courthouse that operates in the city.  A South Bend attorney can represent you if you have questions or issues regarding the city's laws and ordinances.

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