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Discrimination Under Maryland Law

and Federal laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of specificed protected characteristics, both in Baltimore and elswhere in the state. Under state and Federal law, both private and public employers in Baltimore may be found liable for discrimination, depending on what type of trait originally prompted the discrimination.

How Does Employment Discrimination Occur?

Employment discrimination can occur if the employer treats an employee unfairly based on their membership in a class that is legally protected. Some traits which employers are not allowed to evaluate employees with are: race, age, national origin, religion, familial status, and gender. To prove employment discrimination in Baltimore, Maryland, the plaintiff needs to be able to show that the employer's intent to treat them unfairly was motivated by their protected status.

How can Employment Discrimination be Proven in Maryland?

This may be demonstrated if the employer has treated others of the same status similarly, or when people testify to specific statements made by the employer that would indicate bias when heard by a reasonable person. Additionally, employers are in clear violation of the law when they fire someone or retaliate against them because they filed a discrimination lawsuit.

Employment discrimination claims have complicated filing procedures, because they involve pursuing the claim with specific agencies. An Baltimore, Maryland attorney can help you file on time, as well as pursue any additional remedies that may be available to you while your case is pending.

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Life in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland is known to many as an exciting city.  It is located in central Maryland along a part of the Patapsco River.  Baltimore's population is approximately 2.7 million, with a very diverse population. 

Popular attractions in Baltimore include Fort McHenry National Monument, the American Visionary Art Museum, the Maryland Science Center, Geppi's Entertainment Museum, Federal Hill Park, and the USS Constellation. 

Of course Baltimore is home to many more attractions that can be written about; they simply need to be visited and experienced!  Being such a great city, Baltimore is home to a very strong legal force.  There are many small, mid-size, and large firms in the city that practice in practically all areas of law.  Baltimore residents should rest assure, because any of their legal needs can adequately be addressed. 

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