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What is Sexual Harassment under Washington Law?

The law of the state of Washington defines sexual harassment as conduct that is unwelcome, and encompasses both physical and verbal acts. The types of sexual harassment that are most common when done by an employer are sexual advances, the exchange of workplace favoritism for sexual favors, and the creation of a hostile work environment that is overly sexual.

How does Washington Law Prohibit Sexual Harassment?

First, employers in Federal Way are often required to establish company policies regarding sexual conduct, which must be posted and visible to employees. The policies should at least include: contact information for the reporting of sexual harassment incidents, an outline of procedures to be followed in filing a claim, and the remedies available when a claim successfully proven.

There are also agencies which are appointed by federal and Washington law for the specific purpose of handling sexual harassment cases. Such agencies have the authority to investigate work sites to determine if the complaints they receive in Federal Way are true. Furthermore, these laws prohibit employers from firing an employee for alleging sexual harassment or taking any action in retaliation to a claim.

How can a Washington attorney help?

If you do not have any expertise in the applicable laws, it may be difficult to investigate and show a claim involving sexual harassment. It's not uncommon for federal investigators to be too busy to handle individual claims. With that in mind, you should consider speaking with an attorney in Federal Way, as this might be the best way to ensure that your claim is filed before the deadlines set by the laws of Washington.

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Federal Way is a city in the state of Washington; specifically, it is located in King County.  Federal Way is located between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma.  Bordering areas include Puget Sound, Des Moines, Kent, Milton, and Fife. 

The city's top employers include Weyerhaeuser, World Vision, St. Francis Hospital, Wild Waves Theme Park, ACS, Wal-Mart, and Coldwell Banker Danforth & Associates.  Federal Way is also home to many small law offices that cater to residents' legal needs in every area of practice. 

Famous residents include Dan Spillner, Kyle Secor, Michael Dickerson, Roy Thomas, Travis Ishikawa, and Kelyn Rowe. 

Overall, Federal Way is a city rich in history and definitely worth visiting when in Washington!

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