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What is Sexual Harassment under New York Law?

Sexual harassment is defined under New York law as unwelcome conduct that is of a sexual nature, which includes both verbal and physical actions. Employers are most commonly involved in the following types of sexual harassment acts: demanding sexual favors in exchange for promotions, creating a sexually offensive work environment, and making sexual advances.

How does New York Law Prohibit Sexual Harassment?

First, Cheektowaga employers may be required to formulate company policies concerning sexual conduct and post them for employees to see. The policies should at least include: contact information for the reporting of sexual harassment incidents, an outline of procedures to be followed in filing a claim, and the remedies available when a claim successfully proven.

Additionally, federal and New York laws create specific agencies which are responsible for handling sexual harassment cases. The agencies are given authority to investigate workplaces in Cheektowaga to determine if the incidents alleged in the complaints they receive are true. Furthermore, these laws prohibit employers from firing an employee for alleging sexual harassment or taking any action in retaliation to a claim.

How can a New York attorney help?

A claim for sexual harassment may be difficult to investigate and show without the proper expertise in the relevant areas of law. It's fairly common for federal officials who investigate these matters to be overworked. Therefore, hiring an attorney in Cheektowaga can be the safest way to file your claim within the deadlines for sexual harassment claims that New York has defined.

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Life in Cheektowaga

Cheektowaga is located in Erie County, New York.  It has a population of about 88,300 people.  The city's name comes from the Native American world "ji-ik-do-wa-gah," which means "the place of the crab apple tree."  Apparently, Polish Americans significantly make up the Cheektowaga population.

Surrounding areas include Buffalo, West Seneca, Village of Depew, Lancaster, and Amherst. 

The city is also filled with attorneys who practice law either in small law offices or firms.  These attorneys provide excellent legal guidance to residents and local businesses.  Therefore residents and businesses can remain rest assured because all their legal needs can be taken care of.

All in all, Cheektowaga offers visitors and residents a wonderful, community-like atmosphere. 

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