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Disabilities Under Nevada Law

Under Nevada and Federal laws, discriminating against persons with disabilities is prohibited in the workplace. An equal opportunity for hiring and advancement opportunities in Henderson for individuals with disabilities is afforded by these laws. It also requires that employers provide reasonable accommodations to enable all persons to perform their job properly.

Nevada Employment for the Disabled

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes discrimination against the disabled illegal, whether it be in a government agency or a private setting. When making decisions regarding hiring, job assignment, or promotions, employers in Nevada cannot consider a person's disability.

In addition to fair treatment, Henderson employers must also provide any special equipment the disabled may need to perform their duties, as long as the cost of the equipment is reasonable. Employers are also prohibited under the act from discrimination based on a person's relation to someone with a disability or special needs.

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Numerous lawyers in Henderson specialize in employment laws dealing with individuals with disabilities. It can be helpful to consult with a lawyer who may be able to help guide you should difficulties come up.

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