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Disabilities Under Nebraska Law

Under Nebraska and Federal laws, discriminating against individuals with disabilities is prohibited in the workplace. Such laws provide equal opportunities for individuals in Bellevue with disabilities to obtain employment and advance in their profession of choice. It also requires that employers provide reasonable accommodations to enable all persons to perform their job correctly.

Nebraska Employment for the Disabled

Discrimination against disabled individuals is illegal under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), whether the employer is the government or a private agency. When making decisions regarding hiring, job assignment, or promotions, employers in Nebraska cannot consider a citizen's disability.

Besides treating them equally, Bellevue employers must also provide disabled workers with any specific equipment required for work, according to reasonable costs. In addition,discriminating against a citizen because of their relation to a disabled individual is prohibited by this act.

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Various lawyers in Bellevue specialize in employment laws dealing with individuals with disabilities. Consulting with a lawyer beforehand will help you be prepared in the event of unforseen difficulties.

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Life in Bellevue

Bellevue is the oldest city in the state of Nebraska.  It was incorporated in 1855 and currently has a population of approximately 49,000 people.  The city is part of Sarpy County.  The word "Bellevue" is French for "beautiful view", as the city is rich in pristine forest areas. 

For example, Fontenelle Forest is located in Bellevue.  It is a privately owned forest area containing 17 miles of trails suitable for hiking.  The area has many views of the surrounding scenery including the Missouri River.  Another popular tourist location is Hayworth Park, which has a walking trail that crosses many miles of Bellevue.

The economy of Bellevue is currently fueled by expansions in the civilian sector.  The commercial, residential, industrial, and construction industries are growing rapidly in the city of Bellevue.  Offutt Air Force Base is also located near Bellevue.  The base is headquarters for the Air Force Weather Agency, the 55th Air Combat Command Wing, and the U.S. Strategic Command (U.S. "Stratcom")

Lawyers in Bellevue usually handle a variety of civil and criminal cases, as well as issues in family, real estate, and financial matters.  Bellevue, Nebraska lawyers usually litigate their clients' cases at the Sarpy County Courthouse.  More advanced cases are heard at the Sarpy County District Court.

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