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Disabilities Under Idaho Law

Both Idaho and Federal law give individuals with disabilities protection against discrimination in the workplace. These laws provide people with disabilities in Idaho Falls equal opportunities for getting hired and being advanced in ther respective professions. Disability laws also require employers to include reasonable accomodations in order that disabled people may properly perform their job.

Idaho Employment for the Disabled

Discrimination against disabled individuals is illegal under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), whether the employer is the government or a private citizen. In Idaho, any employer decisions to hire, assign a job position, or issue a promotion may not be based on a person's disability.

Employers in Idaho Falls must also provide any special equipment that the disabled person may require for performing duites, so long costs are reasonable. This is in addition to providing fair treatment. Furthermore, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers may not discriminate against people based upon their relation to disabled persons with special needs.

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Most attorneys in Idaho Falls have specialized in disabilities laws in the employment sector. Consulting with a lawyer beforehand will help you be prepared in the event of unforseen difficulties.

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