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Employment Contracts in Lakeland, Florida

A Lakeland, Florida employment contract is an agreement where the employer and employee each intend to legally bind the other to certain conditions in the work relationship. Most Florida employment contracts can be negotiable since both parties benefit from a suitable agreement that is unique to their circumstances. Employment contracts specifying a term of employment provide employees with some measure of job security if conditions are satisfied. They further permit the employer to directly control employee productivity to some degree.

Common Terms in Florida Employment Contracts

Florida employment contracts usually include many terms such as a description of the job, employment duration (generally at-will employment), compensation/benefits, and grounds for terminating. However, there are also other, less common, clauses that are worthy of notice. First, an arbitration clause requires parties to forego their rights to access the courts for any employment dispute.

Second, the contract can contain a termination clause, also known as a "severance clause". Courts have held that employers who violate these clauses when firing a person may be sued for wrongful termination. Also, work that is completed by an employee, or information obtained by them are covered in clauses known as confidentiality clauses and non-compete clauses.

How Can a Lakeland Lawyer Help?

Lakeland has many lawyers specializing in Florida employment law who can help you understand what the terms of the employment contract are. Also, a lawyer will advise you about what you think is fair in the employment contract, and they can negotiate the details when you enter or leave employment.

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Life in Lakeland

Lakeland is located in Polk County, Florida.  It is between the popular cities of Tampa and Orlando alongside Interstate 4. 

The economy of Lakeland prospers from the citrus, cattle, and phosphate mining industries.  The largest employer is Publix Supermarkets.  Other top employers include FedEx Freight & FedEx Services, Saddle Creek Corporation, GEICO, Summit Consulting, and Rooms To Go. 

Lakeland is a place filled with history.  Some popular historic attractions are Dixieland, Biltmore-Cumberland, Beacon Hill-Alta Vista, and Munn Park. 

Being so near Tampa and Orlando, Lakeland residents can take their complex legal programs to the mid to large size firms located in these two large cities.  For any small legal issues, Lakeland is filled with small law offices that are owned by excellent, competent attorneys.

Overall, Lakeland is a wonderful area to live in.  It has the small town feel but is surrounded by two of Florida's largest, metropolitan cities.  Lakeland residents have the best of both worlds!

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