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What is the Law Regarding Employment in Palm Springs?

Employment law refers to the body of laws in Palm Springs that govern employees, employers, and independent contractors. Employment issues that are regulated by these laws include hiring policies, wage amounts, and termination procedures. Employers and their employees alike should be knowledgeable of Palm Springs employment laws.

"At-Will" vs. Contract Employment Terms

Sometimes an employment contract is used that sets a specific length of employment, but most of the times employment is considered to be on an "at-will" basis. "At-will" employment means that either the employer or the employee can terminate the position at any given time, even without a specific reason, so long as the termination does not violate the law When the parties use an employment contract, the terms of employment will be regulated by their state and federal laws, as applied to people living in Palm Springs.

Anti-Discrimination laws in Palm Springs

Laws which make discrimination illegal at all stages of employment including hiring, wages, and termination policies, all apply to Palm Springs citizens. Individuals who live in the city of Palm Springs are required to follow laws which employers from discriminating based on particular classes. These classes include race, gender, disability, national origin, and age.

Employment discrimination claims are often heard by an administrative agency like the EEOC. Additionally, some attorneys are specialists in the discrimination field.

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