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Disabilities Under Michigan Law

According to Michigan and Federal laws, individuals with disabilities are protected from being discriminated against in the workplace. An equal opportunity for hiring and advancement opportunities in Westland for individuals with disabilities is afforded by these laws. Employers must provide disabled persons with reasonable accomodations under these disbility laws so that they are able to perform their jobs.

Michigan Employment for the Disabled

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes discrimination against the disabled illegal, whether it be in a government agency or a private setting. When making decisions regarding hiring, job assignment, or promotions, employers in Michigan cannot consider a person's disability.

As long as the costs are reasonable, Westland employers are required to provide workers who have disabilities with any special equipment they require for completing tasks. The act also prohibits discrimination against someone based on their relation to a person with a disability that poses special needs.

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Life in Westland

Westland, Michigan is located in Wayne County just about 16 miles away from the city of Detroit.  It has a budding population of over 86,000 residents.  The city had its humble beginnings in the 18th century as a prime location for mill industries. 

Currently, Westland is an ideal location for persons seeking employment and residential opportunities.  Its location near Detroit makes it an excellent place for commuters to live and engage in retail and commercial activity.  For example, the Westland Shopping Center is located in the city.  The Shopping Center has over 100 stores that shoppers can choose from.  As an "All-American City", Westland also has an abundance of recreational and dining opportunities throughout the city.

Westland is presently invested in preserving its historical roots.  Recently in 2009 the city received a grant through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  The grant was in the amount of over $2 million and will be used for restoring historic districts.

Many Westland, Michigan lawyers belong to several bar associations, including the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association.  Membership in multiple bars allows lawyers in Westland to serve their community with a more thorough legal perspective.  Most Westland claims are heard in the 18th District Court of Michigan, which was recently renovated to promote more efficient court operations.

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