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What is Sexual Harassment under Maine Law?

According to Maine law, sexual harassment is defined as the unwanted conduct which is of a sexual nature, and includes both verbal advances and physical acts Employers are most frequently involved in the following types of sexual harassment acts: demanding sexual favors in exchange for promotions, creating a sexually offensive work environment, and making sexual advances.

How does Maine Law Prohibit Sexual Harassment?

First, Saco employers may be required to establish company policies concerning sexual conduct and post them for employees to see. The policies should at least include: contact information for the reporting of sexual harassment incidents, an outline of procedures to be followed in filing a claim, and the remedies available when a claim successfully proven.

There are also agencies which are appointed by federal and Maine law for the specific purpose of handling sexual harassment cases. Such agencies have the authority to investigate work sites to determine if the complaints they receive in Saco are true. These laws also prohibit employers from firing workers or taking any retaliatory action against workers who have complained of sexual harassment.

How can a Maine attorney help?

A claim for sexual harassment may be difficult to investigate and establish without the proper expertise in the relevant areas of law. It's fairly common for federal officials who investigate these matters to be overworked. Thus, hiring a Saco lawyer can be the surest way to file your sexual harassment claim within the deadlines specified by the state of Maine.

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