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Disabilities Under Maryland Law

According to Maryland and Federal laws, individuals with disabilities are protected from being discriminated against in the workplace. The various laws ensure that disabled individuals in Frederick have an equal opportunity to get hired and obtain promotions in their choice of field. Employers must provide disabled persons with reasonable accomodations under these disbility laws so that they are able to perform their jobs.

Maryland Employment for the Disabled

Both government and private employers are prohibited from discriminating against the disabled according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In Maryland, employers are not allowed to consider a person's disability when making decisions regarding hiring, job positions, or advancement opportunities.

In addition to fair treatment, Frederick employers must also provide any special equipment the disabled may need to perform their duties, as long as the cost of the equipment is reasonable. In addition,discriminating against a person because of their relation to a disabled individual is prohibited by this act.

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Many lawyers in Frederick specialize in employment laws dealing with individuals with disabilities. Consulting with an attorney may help you decide how to proceed when difficulties arise.

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Life in Frederick

Frederick is located in Frederick County, Maryland.  Specifically, it is in the central north of Maryland.  Frederick is Maryland's largest county.  Overall, the city has a population of around 65,239 people. 

Frederick's largest employer is the U.S. Army's Fort Detrick.  Next in line is BP Solar.  Unfortunately, after March 2010, BP had to lay off many employees.  Frederick is also home to a few attorneys that practice actively and do their best to tend to the legal needs of residents. 

Some popular attractions include Cityscape, The Frederick Arts Council, and The Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET).

Famous past and present residents include Joe Alexander, Michael Beasley, Lester Bowie, Fred Carter, Chuck Foreman, David Gallaher, Sam Hinds MLB, Bradley Tyler Johnson, Charles Mathias, Florence Roberts, Winfield Scott Schley, and Bryan Voltaggio. 

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